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    Karen is an awesome massage therapist. She is very knowledgeable in what she is doing and has helped me with my back issues more than my PT did. Her Yoga classes are fun and safe for anyone, even with back issues.

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    I recently had the privilege of receiving bodywork from Karen and I am beyond impressed. She intuitively worked through all the challenges my body was holding on to and did so with experience and grace. She has great energy As well as a vast knowledge of how to work the body. I rebooked and look forward to my next treatment.


  • *****

    I love Karen and her yoga classes. She is very knowledgeable about the body physiology and not only helps me with yoga positions but also movements to work out issues I may be suffering in different areas of my body. Her classes are small and appropriate for all levels as she encourages you to work at your own level and never force your body into positions that may result in damage or pain. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sciatica and feel that I have been able to manage both conditions so much better since starting with Karen a year ago.

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    I've been going to Body & Energy for over 20 years--for both massage and the cardio/yoga classes as well. Karen's studio is the only one I've found that gives me a total work-out during her cardio-dance class. So, I get my heart-rate up, but the class also contains weights, toning, strengthening. It's great!!! Yoga also is geared towards each person--not a competition to see who can strain themselves trying to keep-up. Karen definitely knows massage therapy is critical to what is going on in a person's body. She's helped me over the years not just to feel better, but to address problem areas before they escalate.

    Love Body & Energy!!!

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    Karen's expert massage techniques healed small tears in my rotator cuff and a pain in my hip that had previously interfered with sleep for a decade. Some days I stand for many hours on the job and on other days I'm hunched over my computer all day. Both situations are very hard on the body. I credit Karen with keeping me healthy and pain free year after year.
    By the way, I have had a completely different experience than the reviewer who commented about the dogs. I have been coming to Karen every three weeks for well over ten years. Karen's dogs are always amazingly well-behaved. If someone prefers that the dogs not be in the message room, they have only to say so. When the dogs are there (I'm a dog lover) they only approach if beckoned. After I give them a couple of pets, they lay down away from the table for the rest of the hour. I have never had one sniff or lick me.

  • *****

    An exceptional massage, to be sure! Karen is TRULY a healer in my book. Twice, I have suffered traumatic injuries to my back--a car accident in 1999 and a small plane crash in 2008. Both times, I went to Karen for massage therapy and I've had NO back problems or lingering affects from either incident. Karen is so attentive in her care that she has gotten to where she can "read" my body just by her touch. It's like she can see right through my skin and spot the distressed areas!

    Our family has trusted Karen with our care for 20 years. She gave my wife pre-natal massage and also cured her of painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that 3 doctors said would require surgery. She rescued my daughter's back from an injury suffered in competitive dance.

    I believe Karen knows my body better than my own physician. At 51, I'm enjoying terrific health and Karen deserves a large part of the credit for that!