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Yoga Classes

Welcome! We are honored that you have chosen Body & Energy. We go beyond fitness and work on our clients’ total wellness. Achieve optimal health through our variety of services including therapeutic massage therapy, yoga and aerobic cardio dance classes.

Our studio classes are small and intimate with personal attention. All classes incorporate all levels from beginner to advanced in a warm and welcoming environment. Pricing is below many classes offered in Novato.

Whether you are looking for a therapeutic massage to address rehabilitation, chronic conditions, repetitive injuries OR for just plain relaxation, Body & Energy can help. For more information, check out the Services link above.

So, if you are looking to achieve total health and wellness call Body & Energy in Novato, CA today!



Karen has gotten me through major back problems, a complicated pregnancy, carpal tunnel and chemotherapy. She has an amazing ability to heal through her massage so the session not only helps your physical well being but it is great for your mental health too!! I say without hesitation that Karen is the best in the business. I trust her 100% and would never consider going to anyone else.
- L.R.

I always refer to Karen as my "massage therapist/therapist". She is a great healer of the body, mind and soul.
- K.C.

After 9 months of ibuprofen and seeking medical treatment that failed to resolve a hip injury, I was directed to Karen for massage therapy. After three treatments, nearly all of the inflammation and irritation I had been suffering was gone. That was over 10 years ago and I have been a client ever since.
- C.M.

Karen is a very professional and knowledgeable therapist. She is not your average therapist. Karen is a true healer! Her sessions are an integral part of my health regimen.
- S.A.

I thought my back aches and foot pain were unavoidable consequences of my job. Karen has eliminated most of the pain and we are making tangible progress on the remainder. Until I met Karen, I thought of massage as frivolous. Now I think of my sessions as a health expense of top priority.
- J.C.

Cardio Dance & Yoga:

B&E classes are so upbeat and fun. They keep me SANE! I can show up feeling down and always leave feeling better. I can't thank Karen enough for how much she has enriched my life!
- N.A.

Yes--working out can be fun! I have exercised with Karen since 1983. If you have tried other exercise classes and have been bored to tears (me too--I've tried them all!) you will be thrilled to know that staying in shape does not have to be a dreaded part of your routine if you go to Body & Energy.
- S.B.

I love Karen's classes because she and the participants are down-to-earth. It's a great workout but there's no pressure or competition. Classes are small, the music is great, and it's fun!
- L.E.

Karen's noontime yoga class is a great stress reliever and break from my desk job sitting at the computer all day!
- M.R.

I love Karen's yoga classes. They are a great mix of strengthening and stretching. Plus, she makes it fun! P.N. Yoga is an excellent compliment to my cycling. My legs don't feel as sore and my back has never felt better!
- J.A.

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